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1. What is your role in the project?
ANavS has a key role in Prepare Ships, i.e. it develops a Multi-Frequency, Multi-GNSS RTK/ PPP receiver with a tightly coupled sensor fusion. The objective is to achieve centimetre- to decimeter-level positioning accuracy at any time and location of ships.

2. Which challenges are there in your perspective in the project?
Current challenges include the accuracy assessment, integrity determination and the standardization. The current COVID-19 crises makes test campaigns and travelling also much more difficult.

3. Which potential does the project have?
Prepare ships leads to a maritime edition of the ANavS Multi-Sensor RTK/ PPP module. The project increases the visibility of ANavS in the maritime market and in Northern Europe in general, and will help to get new partners and customers for ANavS.

4. How does the project fit into the business development strategy of your organization?
The project perfectly fits into our business development strategy as ANavS wants to reach new markets with its Multi-Sensor RTK/ PPP positioning systems.