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Project videos

Prepare Ships Project Movie 2021 (February 2021)

More than half of the maritime accidents reported to EMSA relate to nautical events such as collision, groundings and contacts. Situational awareness of the crews is the outmost biggest contributing factor for these accidents. Knowledge of accurate and high-integrity position is therefore not only a need for future automated shipping but a base for today’s safe navigation. Prepare Ships is creating a smart positioning solution by developing and demonstrating a data fusion of different sensor and signal sources to enable a robust navigation application.

Prepare Ships Test Campaign Movie 2021 (September 2021)

The Prepare Ships team is proud to finally show what we did during the summer test campaign in Gothenburg. On Monday August 23, the team gathered for the second film production. The intention was to create a short documentary showing the implementation of the predictor system. It was a warm and beautiful day for filming and everything went well during the day.

Printed material

Download the Prepare Ships folder to learn about the  new precise positioning system based on the features of Galileo and EGNSS signals.