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Below you will find all results and deliverables from the Prepare Ships project.


Deliverable Title Revision
D1.2 Report on long-range tightly coupled Multi-Sensor RTK Positioning  2.0
D1.3 Availability of Continuous Delivery and Integration Platform 1.1
D1.5 Report on Communication Sub-system Requirements 1.0
D1.6 Report on Perception Sub-system Requirements 1.0
D2.1 Report on long-range tightly coupled Multi-Sensor RTK positioning 2.0
D3.1 Dynamic Predictor System Architecture 1.1
D4.1 Report on communication hardware interface description 0.2
D4.3 Report on Predictor Message Requirements – Interface specification 0.3
D8.1 Consortium Agreement 1.0




When available, exploitable project results with their expected approximate market availability will be published here.

IONGNSS+2021, Uttama Dutta, RISE