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Below you will find all results and deliverables from the Prepare Ships project.


Deliverable Title Revision
D1.2 Report on long-range tightly coupled Multi-Sensor RTK Positioning  2.0
D1.3 Availability of Continuous Delivery and Integration Platform 1.1
D1.5 Report on Communication Sub-system Requirements 1.0
D1.6 Report on Perception Sub-system Requirements 1.0
D2.1 Report on long-range tightly coupled Multi-Sensor RTK positioning 2.0
D3.1 Dynamic Predictor System Architecture 1.1
D4.1 Report on communication hardware interface description 0.2
D4.3 Report on Predictor Message Requirements – Interface specification 0.3
D8.1 Consortium Agreement 1.0




When available, exploitable project results with their expected approximate market availability will be published here.

When available, Prepare Ships related scientific publications will be referenced here.