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In the EUSEPA newsletter for October “Space opportunities for safer maritime operations in Europe and beyond”, Prepare Ships is highlighted as a future technology for safe transportation.

EUSEPA means that safety of life at sea and ocean protection has always been a top priority for the maritime sector. As maritime transportation is the backbone of the economic growth and represent 80% of the global merchant traffic, the European commission is investing in digital technologies that ensures safety of both passengers, crew, and environment.

EUSPA highlights several projects and technologies contributing to this development such as the Galileo SAR-RLS for accurate navigation as well as the HELIOS project. ASGARD and Blueblox-Porbeagle are two projects funded by EUSPA, with the purpose to contribute to the detection of GNSS attacks.

Finally, EUSPA highlights Prepare Ships as marine protection goes hand in hand with safety. By combining satellite technologies, maritime operators can better plan, execute and optimize their routes, spend less fuel and curb emissions. All in a safe way.

Read the full article on the EUSPA web page here.