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On June the 16-18 the 14th International Conference on Marine navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation will take place – TransNav 2021.

Prepare Ships will attend and participate in Round Table Panel Session with the working title: “Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)”.

Where: Session B3 – Round Table Panel Session
When: Thursday, 17th June 2021  12:30 – 13:45).
The Prepare Ships Project Officer, Manuel López-Martínez, will be the moderator for this session.

Here is a short description from the article at the conference:
Selection of appropriate communication channels for dissemination of NRTK (Network Real-Time Kinematics) correction data is one of the main keys to a secure positioning service. In our TransNav 2021 paper, the modern maritime communication system VDES (VHF Data Exchange System) is proposed to distribute SWEPOS (NRTK in Sweden) correction data to shipborne positioning module. VDES transponder (developed by SAAB) is a very reliable technique and it is compatible with most onboard functionalities.

The paper carried out a series of marine NRTK-GNSS positioning experiments in Gothenburg using the Anavs receiver and the correction data from SWEPOS (Lantmäteriet). The results of experiment demonstrate that the Prepare-ships positioning engine could meet the marine high-precision positioning requirements in the coastal, harbor and inland area.

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