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PREPaRE Ships intends to make use of the Copernicus features, especially for testing and validation purposes. We are happy to make use of these advanced services in our project.

 Marine data is an engine for “smart and sustainable growth” in the European Union, as stated in the recent Marine Knowledge 2020 EC Communication. The Copernicus Marine Service has been designed to respond to issues emerging in the environmental, business and scientific sectors. Using information from both satellite and in situ observations, it provides state-of-the-art analyses and forecasts daily, which offer an unprecedented capability to observe, understand and anticipate marine environment events.

 The CMEMS delivers a core information service to any user related to 4 areas of benefits be they service providers or end-users from the commercial sector  or from the R&D sector: Maritime Safety, Coastal and Marine Environment, Marine Resources, and Weather, Seasonal Forecasting and Climate activities.



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