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The Prepare Ships project will present at the European Space Week.

The session will take place on 10th December, 15-16h CET.

EU Space Programme and its contribution to security and emergency response
Synergies between the various components of the EU Space Programme can tackle societal and environmental challenges ranging from support to emergency management (e.g. natural or man-made disasters) to support security activities (eg. observation of activities at sea). Copernicus Space Data and Services have supported emergency response operations in almost 500 events since 2012 and the European space industry is leveraging them to tackle business and operational challenges in the commercial and institutional export market, contributing to the growths of the returns of the EU Space Programme. Earth Observation-based data, products and information coming from the Copernicus programme provide information on the state and evolution of the aforementioned events. GNSS complements this data with positioning information provided by collaborative users globally every few seconds. The gap between the previous scales is filled with information gathered by the competent authorities with GNSS-enabled drones locally and for a limited duration. These space-based data allow efficient monitoring and management of security-related activities and emergency response. . Speakers: Helena Ramon (EMSA), Domenico Grandoni (e-GEOS), Johannes Hüffmeier (RISE)

Last week, the project presented at the User Consultation Platform organised by GSA

The event raised a lot of interest, with over 500 participants pre-registered, covering all the segments concerned. The detailed agendas and the Webex links for each session are now available on gsa.europa.eu/ucp.

We look forward to e-meeting you for a successful User Consultation Platform, part of the #EUSpaceWeek.