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The dynamic predictor
We are currently finalising the work on architecture and functions and the production code is proceeding. We have just released an alpha version of PredSys, code and documentation is available. We proceed our work on development of monitoring function/ quality index and work on the planning of test campaign.

Preparation of testing
We install the required components on the pilot boat and yacht that will be used in our test campaign in June. Getting to know your accurate position, you need to know where you have installed your antennas and IMU. A 3D scanned version of our testbed, the pilot vessel 729, has been made to determine installation of GNSS antennas. Measurements made by LIDAR and cameras performed by the GEO-team from RISE Measurement Science and Technology.

Planning does not always converge with reality. Right now we cannot do the testing in the Prepare Ships project as planned as we had a colder period for the first time in years, so the non-ice classed pilot boat (our test bed) needs to remain at quay.